We are proud to present a new handmade tailored garment to our lineup, from the experts at Sartoria Partenopea. Sartoria Partenopea was founded in Naples in 1993, with a mission to create Italian handmade clothing using modern fabrics and construction techniques.

Partenopea's garments are over 60% hand constructed. Each step in the manufacturing process is overseen by a single tailor, who chalks out a pattern by hand, cuts the fabric by hand, and sews the various component pieces together by hand, before machine sewing load-bearing seams. These steps make them one of a handful of suit manufacturers in the world that produce clothing of this quality and attention to detail. Partenopea has an outstanding attention to value as well, with a starting price point roughly half the cost of similar 'designer' tailored goods.

Come check out this outstanding garment and see why Sartoria Partenopea is one of our favorite new resources.

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