Since 1883 the Hamilton family has been crafting America's finest men's shirts. Each is made in the workshop in Houston, where every detail is overseen by skilled technicians. Every Hamilton shirt is hand cut according to a paper pattern, custom drawn for each individual client. Fabrics are sourced from the finest mills in Switzerland and Italy, and include sumptuous long-staple cotton, summery linen, and cotton/linen blend materials perfect for any season. Hamilton's unique collars and cuffs feature captive canvas inserts with no fusible interfacing (glue used to stiffen most shirt collars), which helps prevent shrinkage. 
Hamilton's library of thousands of patterns
Hamilton Bespoke
Butch Blum is proud to feature Hamilton Shirts' bespoke product, their most custom, labor-intensive shirt. Butch Blum staff will photograph you in one or more sample shirts, and make notes about the fit. The photos and notes are sent to Hamilton's master pattern maker, who draws a custom pattern to your specifications. Bring us your style ideas for the perfect shirt, and Hamilton can often make them happen - right down to copying a
 favorite shirt, or using details from something that you've seen in a magazine. 
Hundreds of fabric options
For more information, or to make an appointment with one of our skilled made-to-measure specialists, please call 206-622-5760 or email promotions@BUTCHBLUM.com.

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