Gimo's - $1595
When we show a leather garment to a client, we're often hear some variation on "It's beautiful, but I could never wear that in Seattle, it rains too much." Here's some tips from the professionals at Butch Blum for making a leather garment last in the Northwest, whether it's new or an old favorite:
  • Treat your leather and suede with all-weather spray, readily available from shoe repair shops. Don't soak the piece in it, but use enough to evenly cover the entire garment. Let dry, then repeat. (For suede, a quick brushing with a stiff plastic or wire brush in-between sprays will keep the nap from falling flat). This should be done at most once or twice every 6 months, depending on how much the garment gets wet.
  • Don't store leather in a plastic garment bag, as the leather will not be able to breathe and will be more susceptible to changes in temperature. Choose a cloth cover instead - one of our signature Butch Blum garment bags will be an excellent choice. 
  • If you must iron the item, set the iron on the lowest setting, without steam.  Place a heavy brown paper grocery bag (or similar) on the outer side of the garment, between the garment and the iron.  Iron quickly, without pressing down - leather will burn easily!
  • Choose a sturdy hanger - especially one with wide shoulders - so the garment doesn't lose its shape.
  • When the garment becomes wet, let it dry naturally but be sure that it does not stay moist too long, as it may mildew. Room temperature (65-70 degrees) should be fine. Do NOT use a machine dryer, as it will shrink the garment and/or damage the piece's natural oils.
  • Clean smooth leathers with a damp cloth.
  • Regularly brush suede with a stiff wire or plastic brush. Avoid cleaning chemicals.
  • Don't spray hairspray or fragrances while wearing your leather items.
  • Seek out a professional leather care specialist when the garment becomes badly worn or soiled. Be judicious about cleaning anything- sometimes a leather garment's appeal improves as it absorbs natural dust and oils from your skin, and develops a patina that looks beautiful and feels personal. 
With a few easy steps, a beautiful leather or suede garment can be a great investment - one that will serve you well for many years. 

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