New arrivals from Cividini have just been shipped to Butch Blum!  Things we love about Cividini:
  • The yarns that go into a Cividini cashmere sweater are always spun from the longest, softest cashmere fiber, so there is dramatically less pilling than lower quality sweaters - the fiber never leaves the yarn.
  • Cividini specializes in unusual fabrics, producing innovative cloths from unusual fibers, including jute, metal, plastic, and more.
  • The brand has an artisanal approach to color and pattern, often applying dye directly to the garment by hand, like an artist with his canvas. 
  • Because the garments are designed by two architects, they often have unusual structural features like rightside-up/upside-down wearability 
Come check out the beautiful new pieces we've received for the pre-fall 2012 season, and stay tuned for more fabulous new arrivals!

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