On Her: Top - TSE - $625...Skirt - TSE - $495
On Him: Shirt - Mason's - $245...Pant - Mason's - $295
In terms of work attire, the Pacific Northwest enjoys one of the most relaxed environments in the United States...but with that relaxed attitude comes some workplace 'wardrobe malfunctions' that are best avoided. Here are our Do's and Don'ts from us for 'Casual Friday,' or just for a workplace with a casual dress code. Remember our motto - "Dress better than you have to." 

DO invest in a soft, blazer shaped jacket. Whether you're a man or a woman, a blazer-shaped jacket will pair well with jeans, wool pants, khakis, or if you're a woman, with a casual skirt. You will look 10 times better than your co-workers who aren't wearing a jacket, without looking overdressed. That always comes off as trying too hard. 

DON'T use your suit jacket as a blazer if it has a lot of structure (canvas, shoulderpads, etc) or pinstripes, or if it's too long (it should barely crease your palm when you bend your fingers under the skirt). Likewise, a dressy blazer should be paired with a similarly dressy pant, at MOST casual a dark, solid pair of jeans. Save the cords and khakis for something soft and sweatery.

DO try a pair of 5-pocket pants that aren't made of denim. We brought in some incredible fabrics for men and women in the classic "jean" cut, that are made of stretch wool, canvas, and cotton flannel. The 5-pocket will fit like a jean and look great with a casual jacket, but will look infinitely better in a casual environment than anything rumpled or distressed. 

DON'T wear jeans to work that are intentionally or unintentionally distressed - no holes, no light 'acid washes' etc. Likewise, a cargo pant or anything really sporty is probably left at home during the workday.

DO try a casual variation on a dressy shirt, like a button-front sport shirt in a fun plaid or stripe. Designers are also doing great knit shirts for men and women that button all the way down, or dressy long-sleeve polos that have the feel of your favorite dress shirt without looking too pressed and perfect. Men will always look best if their shirts are tucked in. Ladies, use your best judgement. 

DON'T wear t-shirts with messages on them...those are best for a vacation souvenir, running down to the laundry, or throwing over your swimsuit at the beach. Likewise, don't wear a white tee-shirt on its own - white tees are underwear! (Colored tee shirts are often great on their own under a jacket, but should be approached with caution on their own. Try something with a collar instead.) 

DO try a sneaker in an elegant leather...something with a wing-tip detail, or something that looks like a dressier oxford style. Likewise, a tumbled leather desert boot is a terrific option with a casual pant at work. 

DON'T wear athletic shoes to work. For the most part, that means any white sneaker - canvas or leather - as well as anything that's chunky, has foam soles, large graphics, etc. Save athletic shoes for the gym or a weekend run. 

Whether you work in a law firm or in a software company, these tips are easy to follow and are pretty generally appropriate for men and women. You'll know you're doing it right when your friends and co-workers start asking "What can I do to look more like you? You always look great, no matter what."

Feel like we missed something? Have a special pet peeve you can't WAIT to unload? Leave your suggestions in the comments box! 

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