Brushed cashmere "Felpa" finish sweater jacket - was $895, now $359 - Crossley
The things a simple cashmere fiber has to go through before it becomes a sweater like this! First, the downy soft undercoat is shorn from the kashmir goat (its outer coat is too coarse to become a sweater). Then, the fibers are cleaned, and spun into yarn, which is then dyed. For a piece like this, the yarn is wrapped with three other yarns, to create a yarn that's 4 times as thick, then brushed to give it a lofty feel. The sweater is knit into the shape you see here, and then brushed an additional time to give the piece a lovely handle and a soft, cloud-like weight. Finally the piece is "blocked" - steam is injected into the sweater (being careful not to crush the combed out fluffiness) to give it its final shape. After all that, you KNOW you're getting a killer deal at 60% off.  Hurry in - we only have 1 left (Size S) in this piece - and more great deals in our 60-75% off final sale days selection in store.

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