THIS JUST IN! Saxx--fine fitting underwear--at Ladies Night Out event on Tuesday, December 4th from 5-7pm! Bringing their Holiday 2012-13 collection and for special order - great 'stocking stuffers' for the men on your gift list.

We are very proud to introduce Saxx underwear for men, the first underwear we've seen that is ergonomically designed to fit best where men need it most.  The pouch is engineered with a special cling-free  'hammock' which keeps sensitive areas from moving and binding in the underwear.  Perhaps the biggest fan of these underwear is Butch himself, who states: 

"In all of my 40+ years in this industry, I’ve never made much of an attempt to promote, let alone sell underwear.  For years, I had been quietly wearing Calvin Klein briefs and was reasonably content. About a year ago, I received a sample in the mail from Saxx and started wearing them.  I was so pleased with this product that I searched them out, to buy more, from a small retail boutique in another city (and to make sure the original sample’s quality was replicated in retail production).  They are now the only underwear I choose to wear."

Come check out this incredible brand, available in-store in the boxer brief style in black, and for special order in a wide variety of styles and colors. Once you try a pair, we're SURE you will come back for more...they're that special.

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