We often have clients ask us "why should I have a suit made for me? Isn't this one off the rack just as good? Well...yes, but it may not serve your needs in quite the same way. The following are four different kinds of guys who LOVE MTM suiting, and who knows? You may very well be one of them! 

1)The fit connoisseur.  The made-to-measure process is notable for offering an outstanding fit. Whether you're a 6'9 basketball player with shoulders that pitch forward and a particularly small waist, or a 5'9 guy who fits comfortably in an off-the-rack 40R, a MTM garment can offer a fit that's geared towards YOUR body. You may not be aware of the individual challenges your body can offer, but our MTM specialists are trained to see every detail, and will adjust your order accordingly. Once you've had a garment custom made for you, nothing feels quite the same.

2)The designer.  One of the most important MTM clients is a guy who can wear off the rack suiting, but chooses to wear something that expresses his individual personality. Details like ticket pockets, peak lapels, "storm tabs" or suede elbow patches, and even colorful linings (or no lining at all) can generally be added to your order for no extra charge. Life is in the details, and it's the little extras that make a custom garment truly satisfying.

3)The luxury enthusiast.  MTM fabric collections are notable for carrying fabrics that are too precious to order in large quantities. Superfine wools (anything using a Super 150 or higher yarn) and exotic fibers like vicuña, yangir, and guanaco are impractical to carry in store, but are easily available to those who can appreciate them. 

4)The guy who only has one suit. If you're only going to have one tailored garment in your wardrobe, shouldn't it be something you love to wear? A made-to-measure garment is a popular choice for a wedding, graduation, or other special event, and we encourage clients to choose fabrics they can incorporate into their regular wardrobe, even if they don't find themselves dressing in a full suit and tie often. Because of modern silhouettes and softer jacket construction, a MTM suit can be split up and used in different ways. The 3 piece suit you get married in could be a great sport coat with khakis, a cool vest with a pair of jeans, and a sharp dress pant to pair with a button-down and a sweater.

Come check out our latest Made-To-Measure offerings from Samuelsohn, Coppley, Sartoria Partenopea and more, and find out for yourself why a one-of-a-kind custom suit is one of the best wardrobe investments you can make.

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