Super 150's wool and cashmere - Samuelsohn - $1395
It's no secret that double-breasted suits are making a slow comeback- an elegant choice for those who have need of a more tailored wardrobe. How then, to incorporate this style in a closet that's had nothing but single-breasted for years?

Try a double-breasted suit that's a little bit shorter in the jacket and a lot narrower in the shoulder than they were 10 years ago. Your jacket should cross the center of your palm so that you can curl your fingers underneath the skirt without rumpling it. For the very fashion conscious, try an inch shorter than that - about even with your thumb joint.   The shoulder caps should fit squarely on the edges of your shoulders without drooping over, yet not so tight that your tricep bulges out of the sleeve. 

A fabric like this wool/cashmere windowpane is an excellent alternative to stripes, as it flexes more easily into sport-coat territory. Tuck the pocket flaps in and pair with a slim pant in a clear-finish charcoal gray fabric.  Your shoe should also be slightly sportier - a suede oxford or perhaps a light colored nubuck. 


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