Luciano Barbera began his design career in the 1960's, when a Uomo Vogue photographer captured a photo of a young Barbera wearing a suit of his own design, made of fabric from his father Carlo's mills. The photo was seen by fashion icon and founder of the legendary Louis Boston store, Murray Pearlstein, who encouraged the young Italian to produce his own clothing. 
The young Luciano Barbera

The Barbera brand has always been for the man or woman "who believe in individuality and intelligence" - people who care more about the garment and its functionality than trends or labels, yet always cut a stylish silhouette.  Barbera's wool and cashmere fabrics are considered some of the finest in the industry, achieving their signature drape and softness from a secret process which includes aging the yarn before it is woven in subterranean caverns in order to maintain the wool's natural moisture levels. Every Barbera suit is entirely made from Carlo Barbera fabric, woven from Italian yarn in the Barbera factory in Biella, Italy.

Our Luciano Barbera shipments for Spring 2014 have just started to arrive - look for fabulous neckwear, ultra-soft leathers, and some incredible knits, with lots more to come! 

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