Sale styles from Crossley - were $295-325, now $99-109
Crossley is a small-scale knitwear concern out of Italy that does an incredibly nice construction for its pricepoint. They are responsible for all their own construction (often bigger designers 'farm' their work out to other factories) which keeps the pricepoint very low for the quality. Additionally they source their yarn from unusual places, including recycled yarns which come from pulping older garments, which are then spun into new yarn to knit into new pieces.

These two vintage-inspired garments are a cashmere/merino blend in a thermal knit, a touch warm for July but an incredible investment for a year-round Seattle wardrobe. The finished garments are spray dyed two shades darker, with extra detail at the neckline and banded bottoms and cuffs.  At two-thirds off their retail price, these pieces are a MUST for any Seattle guy's daily casual wardrobe.

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