We thought we'd share this terrific photo from clients and friends Wade and Debbie Martin...they needed some hot-weather dressy outfits for a wedding they were attending in the South this July - 90 degrees and 100% humidity - and they got exactly what they needed!

Mr. Martin is dressed in Coppley's Tencel/Linen Made-to-measure suiting, which is designed to provide some of the texture of Linen without looking unkempt. Mrs. Martin is wearing Moschino's stretch cotton broadcloth sheath, and a shawl in featherweight cashmere and silk from Faliero Sarti.

Whether you need a hot-weather outfit like the Martins, or a year-round weight that you'll incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, we are thrilled to help make you look your best in garments you'll love to wear. Be sure you stop in for the last of our Summer Sale, as well as the best custom options available in Seattle, any time of year.

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