Fabiana Filippi's story is exemplary of classic Italian luxury...a company that is profoundly tied to its home and to the people whose passion inspired its creation.

In 1985, Fabiana Filippi started a small fashion company in the center of Umbria, a region in the center of the "boot" of Italy and the only region in its area completely landlocked. She began her company with an emphasis on quality and classic style, rather than the "fast-fashions" which were so common at the time.  The company quickly became known for their reliance on noble yarns, particularly cashmere - which at the time was predominantly either classic and staid, or extremely trendy, but of lower quality.

After 25 years the company still remains in its original headquarters, and pursues a boutique-oriented client, rather than a large department-store distribution. Their "entirely made in Italy" approach to fashion remains unique in a market that favors offshore production over local craftsmanship. We are very proud to have this unique brand in our roster of designers, and encourage professional, stylish women to come try their beautiful clothing - any garment or accessory from this company will remain a beautiful addition to your wardrobe for years to come.

Come see the latest from this incredible design house in store now, exclusively at Butch Blum in Seattle. 

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