Blumarine was founded in 1977 by Anna Molinari and her late husband Gianpaolo Tarabini. The label's name refers to her and her husband's favorite color and their love of the sea. Since the 1990's her daughter Rossella Tarabini has assisted her in the design process, as well as designing the Anna Molinari luxury line.

A hit since its inception, Blumarine was described by journalist Laura Craik as [designed for] "...that brand of Italian miss for whom no dress is too small nor diamond too big." Integral to the brand's DNA is their fascination (almost fetishization) of flashy, dominant florals, animal prints, fur, lace, and above all conspicuously luxurious fabrics - which include precious furs, silks, ultrafine wool and cashmere. This combination gives the brand an eye-catching and thoroughly feminine look.

Look for Blumarine and its younger sister Blugirl in our Fall lineup - we have some incredible pieces in stock and more on the way!

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