Since 1954,  Fuzzi has produced some of the best in Italian fashion sportswear for men and women. Specializing in jersey fabrics (particularly the house's signature stretch sheer tulle) they consistently push the boundaries of fashion while maintaining a chic, timeless feel.

The brand produces clothing for both men and women - their menswear designs are sold under the names 'Fiume' and 'Nanibon.' In 1983, Fuzzi began their first licensing deal with Jean-Paul Gaultier, a partnership that continues to this day. They continued their growth in 2007, when they signed a partnership with designer Pier Antonio Gaspari - a minimalist Italian designer known for his innovative use of mixed media - leather, knit and woven in the same garments.

Find the best from Fuzzi and their partnerships with Jean Paul Gaultier and Pier Antonio Gaspari at Butch Blum, where we cherry-pick all their collections for the best every season.  Check out the latest from Fuzzi Donna for Spring 2014, in store now!

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