We've featured Kanye on our blog before - he's a noted fan of Maison Martin Margiela, but the artist's devotion to the brand continues to surprise us. West arranged a partnership with the Maison to create all his stagewear for his current "Yeezus" tour.  When the house was asked by Vogue.com about his controversial nature, they responded:

"We didn't pay attention to what is being said about him in the press, we just focused on what could be done with him," Maison Martin Margiela told us. "We have wanted to work with Kanye West for a very long time, ever since he became a close friend of the Maison; supporting us a lot and coming to our shows. We like his music and the vision he had for the tour." 

While these outré stylings probably *WONT* be something you see in Butch Blum, we salute Kanye's willingness to wear the purest expression of one of our favorite house's vision. Come check out the Butch Blum side of Maison Martin Margiela - featuring an everyday wearable style that's still perfectly unique.

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