Things you may not know about Gardeur:
  • They make their own zippers. This ensures they maintain consistent quality and ideal length for optimum rise and balance between the front and rear trouser sections.
  • The seat is sewn on with a counter curve. Can fit closely to the seat but still maintain comfort and room through the crotch.
  • Pocket pouches are anchored centrally so they do not slip.
  • Side Seams shift slightly forward for a slimming effect.
  • The waistband is made of two pieces ensuring stability
  • Sizes are graduated so that rise, seat and length are adjusted for the most individual fit possible in this category.
  • Every roll of fabric is tested for shrinkage in Gardeur’s lab to maintain precise fit.
  • 70-75% of all goods are produced in their state of the art facility in Tunisia.
  • Every pair is washed in their machines. All buffies and scraping done by hand one pair at a time.  
  • The factory has its own water treatment plant and is continually looking for ways to implement resources saving methods.
  • They continually look for ways to add value to their product instead of cutting costs
  • Fair Trade in every way possible, and a long history of building involvement with employees and community in both Germany and Tunisia.
  • Gerhard Kränzle CEO (and now 51% owner) since 2010 states: “I have found my professional home at Gardeur. I believe in the power of the brands and the staff – which is why I decided to take on the corporate responsibility and to guide GARDEUR in its tradition as an entrepreneur-run business into this growth phase”

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