Fulton and Roark fragrances - $45 each
 We are proud to introduce Fulton and Roark solid fragrances - a new concept perfect for a modern man.  Each of their three distinctive fragrances is housed in its own slide-top metal container, perfect for travel (no miniature bottles neccesary!) or just to slip into a bag or briefcase.  Their three signature fragrances are:

Hatteras: This fragrance has a surprise note - lightly spicy - underneath its classic "fresh" green and citrus notes.

Shackleford: This is the most robust of the three fragrances, and has a masculine wood-based character derived from sandalwood and amber.

Tybee: A slightly soapy white musk with notes of rosewood and cedar - masculine but very subtle.

Try one of these new fragrances out and compare them to your favorite eau de cologne - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the sillage and longevity of each individual scent. For added fun, share with a lady friend and see how different body chemistry can make each scent a very personal experience.

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