The downtown Seattle area has seen steady growth in the last few years, with major construction on apartment buildings, hotels, businesses and more. The specialty trade however, has seen a marked decline.

Butch was quoted in a Seattle Times' article yesterday - the article covers a panel hosted by the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and Gallatin Public Affairs.  Butch joined five other downtown business folks to discuss the state of Seattle's Retail climate.  Butch made the Times by citing landlords' preference for businesses like food and beverage and financial institutions, who will typically pay a lot more per square foot, over unproven, privately owned specialty stores.  The DSA's figures agree with Butch's observations: since 2009 there has been a twelve percent drop in retail stores, as opposed to a twenty percent increase in financial institutions such as payday lenders.

What's happening in your business district? Do you feel there is a good mix of businesses? Reply below in the comments and tell us how you feel.

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