10. Ignore the size on the label - Buy the size that fits! Remember that size and stature are often associated with leadership and power. Be proud of who you are!

9. Ignore the old taboos - Yes, you can wear bold-colored sport coats and horizontal stripes. (Just wear them with confidence).  Must your belt match your shoes, your socks match your pants? It's always appropriate, but no longer mandatory - wear colors you love and feel good in.

8. Have fun with accessories - Fashionable eyewear, pocket squares, a great leather bag, contrasting shoelaces - details make a difference.

7. Flat front pants - Flat front pants are typically more flattering than pleats. (Sidenote - if you only wear pleated pants because off-the-rack pants feel tight in your thighs or seat, we can solve this - Made-to-Measure ensures you have just enough fabric to be comfortable without looking baggy).

6. Get the right belt - Don't wear a dark leather dress belt with light colored khakis - try a fun color or a coordinating lighter shade. (A dark belt can draw a thick line across your widest point - not a flattering look!)

5. Color Coordinated - A flattering look: a knit vest or v-neck in the same color as your pants. (Try a subtly lighter shade...this looks excellent layered under a jacket).

4. Custom clothing- There's nothing better than Made-To-Measure dress suits, trousers, and shirts: treat yourself! (You'll be surprised...it's not a big up charge from off-the-rack but you'll love the fit).

3. Buy quality - In fashion, as in life, you usually get what you pay for. Buy quality clothes.  

2. Tailoring is so important - Find a great tailor! (Our tailor Kim is generally regarded as the best in the city).

1. Don't try and lose weight before shopping - Never try and postpone buying new clothes because you plan to lose weight. If you look great NOW, you'll be more likely to accomplish ALL of your goals - weight loss included.

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